Group Classes



Laura Elatrash

Laura’s journey into fitness began in 2007, after participating in her first hot yoga class. She was hooked and completed a 500 hour ytt (yoga teacher training) course in 2010.  In 2011, she opened and managed a franchise gym. After the birth of her second child, she felt weak and while yoga was her love, scheduling was a struggle.

She knew that she needed to work on strength and began lifting weights.  In 2017 she delve into group fitness, starting with HIIT, yoga and eventually spin at Energy Lab. “I want to share my knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

Classes available with Laura

Spin Classes

  • High intensity, low impact party time on a bike.
  • Back to back variety of songs with lights and a motivating instructor to keep you going.
  • The most fun you can have doing cardio! All levels class.
  • This class is 30 minutes.

HIIT Class

  • High intensity interval training is the most effective cardio.
  • It teaches your body how to use oxygen more efficiently to make you faster at everything.
  • 8 exercises for 39 seconds on, 10 seconds off.
  • Options available for beginners to advanced.
  • This class is 30 minutes.

Glutes + Guts Class

  • Focus on engaging glutes and core. Flexibility and depth check for squats, how low should you go? You will find out!
  • The perfect class to take if your knees hurt or if you are unsure of your alignment.
  • Be prepared for some leg burn!!! All levels – weights are used in this class.
  • This class is 30 minutes.

Grace Messina

Grace has always been into fitness in one way or another. She danced competitively and played on all the sports teams. After having a daughter at 25, she focused on raising her and became the dance and soccer mom.

As Grace got older, she had a lot of spare time on her hands and wanted to find a hobby. She I took a yoga class in (year) and finished yoga teacher training in (year). “I loved the how the movements made my body feel and how relaxed I was at the end of class.” In 2022, she stepped on stage for her first bodybuilding competition this past October.

Yoga helped Grace recover from her training sessions quickly, while also helping her with the flexibility and mobility required to get into the poses on stage. “I strongly believe I can help competitors and non competitors with recover, relaxation, strength and stability

Classes available with Grace

Stretch and mobility

  • This yoga class is focused on full body stretching, which will help release sore muscles, tension and increase relaxation.
  • This class is simple and to the point. It is perfect if you feel tired, sore after some physical activity or you just want to move your body and stretch.
  • This class is 1 hour.

Fun Fitness Flow

  • In this modern free spirited yoga class, students will move through vinyasa flows that elevate the heart rate, engage the core and focus on strengthening your body and mind.
  • Everyone is also encouraged to have fun while you flow and sweat to a fun playlist.
  • This class is 1 hour.